Want to access that page now?

Use browser.cool: The internet, as it is supposed to be. Without restrictions by your provider, your hotel or third parties. Easier than a VPN: No setup or configuration required, directly in your browser. Ready to use in 3 minutes.

Currently running 29 browsers


So how does this work?

We will start a machine with a preinstalled browser in your preferred location. Just for you :-)

Then we stream a video of this browser into your browser. Because all the network requests happen inside the streamed machine, there is no way to intercept them for others. After the browser expires, it is completely destroyed, no tracking information is stored. And of course, all the communication is done fully encrypted.

Frequently asked questions

Can I try before I buy?

Sure, just DM me on Twitter.

Who are you?

My name is Jim Winter, I am a frequent traveler and was annoyed by hotel or provider restrictions when being abroad. I thought this service might come handy for other people in similar situations.

Can I trust this service?

Yes, you can (if you ask me)! We do start dedicated instances on Amazon, you do have full root access and a terminal (press Ctrl+ t c) to check everything. All messages are sent via TLS encryption. After the browser is expired, everything gets destroyed.

What are the limitations?

Currently, we are working on implementing better mobile support.
Some things that do not work: Download, Uploads, connection to your local devices (e.g. Microphone, Camera, Printer). Videos are more laggy than without using this service.

What technologies are you using?

EC2, using TigerVNC and NoVNC for the video, FFmpeg and pulse-audio for the audio. The browser you see is a Firefox running on Ubuntu.

I still have questions

Please drop me a DM via Twitter.